Monday, September 20, 2010

Junque Academy!

I have gotten quite a few inquiries over the years from people wanted to learn how I paint my furniture so they can finish their own! In the past I have declined, but after a few people asked lately, I have decided to go ahead and do it! I have a couple of different class options;
  • Junque House Calls:
In this class, we bring the party to you! Invite your friends to your home for a Junque painting party! We will provide all of the materials needed (paint, sanders, drop-cloths, etc.), and all of my knowledge to help you and your friends transform your
furniture from plain and ordinary to unique and personalized! House parties are $150 per person, with a minimum of 4 and a max of 6 people. The hostess provides lunch for the class, and receives HALF tuition!

  • Junque One on One:
A one-on-one workshop with Brecken of Junque! In this workshop, we will work together to completely refinish your furniture and I will answer any questions you may have! Private lessons are available at my home or yours. Sessions last 4-6 hours depending on
what finish you
choose for your furniture.
These classes currently run $250 per session and are all-inclusive.
The only thing you will need to bring is a piece of
furniture you want to finish! Bring a friend and save $50 each! Max 2 people.

Please call me at 801.995.8865 or e-mail me at with any questions or to schedule a date to learn how to paint like the pros!

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