Sunday, June 27, 2010

Retro Turquoise End Table

I have a really cute retro end table that has been painted a great turquoise color and has a cute, cream retro style flower design along both sides of the door! It has been finished with polyurethane. I am asking $125 and have low cost delivery available! Please call 801.995.8865 or e-mail me at with any questions or to come see this one of a kind table.

Pesto Green and Cream 9 Drawer Dresser w/ Mirror

It is very rare when I come across a certain piece of furniture that has some personal meaning to me when I buy it to refinish, and this piece is one of them. I am a strong believer that everyone comes in to your life for a reason. Several years ago a man came and bought a desk from me, he offered me about half of what I was asking for it, me, being the pretty timid person I was at the time, accepted. We ended up talking for awhile and he looked at some other furniture I had for sale, as he was leaving, he told me I wasn't asking enough for my furniture. I sat there for a minute in stupor thinking about how that very man had just talked me down on a desk he was leaving with. Well years later, that man has become a dear friend to me and my furniture would not be where it is without me meeting him. He helped my confidence in myself and my business grow.
I bought this dresser from him through some unfortunate circumstances and refinished it into this! An extremely random side note, but still meaningful.

I have refinished this retro 9 drawer dresser and mirror set, in a pesto green and cream! All of the drawers work great. It has a polyurethane finish for extra protection! I am asking $400 obo and have low cost delivery available! This dresser is 63 3/4"W x 18"D x 30 3/4"T and the mirror is 40 1/2"T x 28 1/2"W. This dresser can be seen at your convenience at emiliejayne on 801 S. and 800 E. in Salt Lake City

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aqua and Damask Dresser!

This is a dresser that was painted for a client, so it has already been sold but it is completely different than anything I have done before and wanted to share it with everyone! It was painted in the current crowd favorite turquoise with black glaze and has been detailed with a damask painted pattern!

Cream Antique Dresser w/ Mirror

I have this gorgeous antique dresser with mirror that has just been refinished in a creamy off-white and distressed. It has been finished with polyurethane and is still adorned with the original hardware! It can be seen at your convenience at Emiliejayne in Salt Lake City on 801 South 800 East. It is $325