Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Florida!

The day has finally come!

I actually have left the beautiful state of Utah and moved across the country to Florida!

I am open and ready for business! I have a couple things I will be putting up for sale shortly, and am taking custom orders!

E-mail me at junquefurniture@gmail.com for a quote!

I am in the Pensacola area, Niceville to be exact!

Feel free to call with any questions 801.995.8865


The Wolfies said...

My brother moved from S.L.C. to Niceville Fl. I will tell him to check out your store!!

Brecken said...

What a small world! Thank you!

FallonElla said...

What part of Utah are you from? I'm from SLC and now live in Niceville, small world :) You do great work!! I wish I would have discovered your site sooner as I am loving the blue dresser set you just finished :)

Brecken said...

I am from SLC as well! And also now living in Niceville! What a small world indeed! Not a fellow Military wife by chance are you?! Thank you! If you are looking for anything in particular, just let me know!

FallonElla said...

Indeed I am (Army), my husband is just finishing up EOD school here :) I sure miss SLC though, I bet you do as well. However, one definitely can't complain about the access to the amazing beaches that's for sure, lol. I will be watching your site for EVERYTHING as we are moving into a new house soon (getting stationed in GA) and need everything, literally, lol.

Brecken said...

I am an Army EOD wife as well! I am definitely missing Salt Lake a lot, but living so close to the beach is a nice change! Georgia will be fun! I will try to get some more posted soon!