Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Retro Turquoise Chairs


Recently finished are two matching chairs that have been updated in a bright turquoise and finished with polyurethane! The fabric on these chairs is amazing! Not only does it have a great vintage pattern, but you can wipe it off if anything were to spill on them without any worry! I am asking $100 for both and have delivery available!


Lindsey said...

Can you tell me how tall the seat and the back of the char sit?

Brecken said...

Hey Lindsey! The measurements for those chairs are, 32"T x 18.5"D x 20"W

Catherine said...

Hi Brecken,

Just found your blog &love your items--you have a great eye for color and a flair for emphasizing the fun features of these unique pieces.

If I didn't live in Kansas City, I would be a regular customer. :)

I've been trying my hand at repainting and am loving it, but appreciate feedback from those with more experience. Do you spray or brush/roll your pieces? If the latter, what do you use to achieve the best finish? I'm having a tough time with brush strokes..

Thanks and hope you sell tons more of your cute items!


Tiffcanblog said...

Your pieces are awesome! They are so unique. I am trying to start my own business doing the same thing but I have a long way to go to get even close to your level of creativity. I hope it will be ok for me to ask for some advice on some of the projects I have. I wish you continued success in your business and may it flourish to it's full potential.