Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is finally here!

With this beautiful spring weather, I am offering discounts until the end of April on any furniture you buy from me and any refinishing that you would like done! E-mail me at with any questions about anything you want refinished! Changing an old piece of furniture you have is the best and most refreshing way to add a little color to a room without any major changes!

Hurry before this great offer ends!!!


Kayley said...

Do you have any tips on refinishing cabinets? Ours in the kitchen are an UGLY peach color, and we want to paint them white. Someone said there is a grain sealer you can get so that the white paint goes on smooth and looks like regular white cabinets without indents from the grain... but the people at Home Depot had no idea what we were talking about!

Thanks :)

Brecken said...

Hello Kayley! I have heard of something like that before, the stuff I have heard of goes on after the paint though, as a finish, check out

that article has some info on how it is used and such, let me know if that is what you are looking for! Good luck with the refinishing! The main tip I have is be patient, and it is going to be very messy! Sand patiently, the more even the sanding, the better it will ultimately look. I would absolutely love to see your befores and afters! Send me an e-mail at if you have any other questions!

Good luck!

Kayley said...

Thank you SO much- that was so helpful! I will send you before and after photos when the project is finished. Thanks again!