Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Black and Red Vintage Chairs


These chairs are 100% completely unique! You will never find two chairs exactly like this ever again! They are vintage, yet sturdy and very striking! I have two matching chairs and am asking $250 for both and have low cost delivery available!

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Sandee said...

Hey Breck - it's Sandee AGAIN... ha ha

I just can't get enough of your stuff... I'm pretty sure I WANT these two chairs. I've been changing things around in my house and have been looking for two special chairs {on the smaller side} to go in my front living room and to be used also with an antique desk I have in there.

Could you put a hold on them for me until I talk to you on Sat. about that other black desk and to give you the measurements of the bedroom stuff for my daughters room? I may be able to come up and see them/pick them all up on Sat. sometime. = )